MUFE Mat Velvet + HD Foundation Review

These two foundations were on my wishlist for a very long time. These were actually my first purchases from Make Up For Ever and I had very high hopes for both of them.

This product really caught my eye because I'm a huge fan of a matte finish and I saw lots of reviews and makeup artists using this foundation and their face always looked flawless!

The first thing I noticed was the opening is different than a lot of other foundations! It doesn't have a pump, and you have to squeeze the bottle to get the foundation to come out, just make sure you're gentle so you don't waste product! The texture of the foundation is pretty light, it's not very thick which is nice and it dries more like a powder in my opinion, which is where the "matte" comes in. I applied this using my beauty blender and afterwards I saw that I couldn't really notice much of a difference! My skin didn't look bad, but it didn't look great either. The foundation claims to be full coverage but can also be altered to whatever coverage you want depending on how much product you use. I feel like to get the coverage I'd prefer would waste more product unfortunately. I do like this product though, I think it's great for every day use and does make your skin look nice, however if you deal with breakouts and you're looking for a foundation to easily cover it, I would pass!

This foundation has had a ton of hype surrounding it for as long as I can remember. I was very very excited to get my hands on it.

Like many foundations, it has a pump, which I like! I feel when using a pump I'm less likely to over apply and waste foundation. When I pumped some out I noticed that the foundation was a lot thinner than I expected, which made me kind of worried because I like a foundation that is a little more thick, but I still gave it a chance. Applying this foundation I noticed that the coverage really isn't that good, it's very thin. It didn't cover any of my dark spots and I think if someone had any breakouts it wouldn't cover it very well. I was disappointed in this product and I feel that it's a bit over-hyped. I think it'd be great if you are having a great skin day and you just need a quick foundation to even your tone a bit, but if you're planning a full face of makeup and you want your skin to look completely flawless all day I don't think this would be for you. The foundation does say the coverage is buildable but I didn't really notice anything spectacular.

The reason I did both of these reviews together is because one day I decided to mix these two foundations together, seeing as both of them alone were decent, just not the coverage I had hoped. Mixing these together really made all the difference! The coverage is great and full and it indeed does make my skin look great and flawless! I was worried that adding two foundations might make my skin look cakey but it doesn't at all! With the HD Foundation's consistency being very liquid, it really helps create a nice, natural yet beautiful look. So if you happen to have these two foundations and want better coverage I'd recommend mixing them! However I wouldn't recommend buying both of them just to mix them, because you can find many standalone foundations that will create a beautiful coverage by themselves!

(Also note, this is not a negative review at all! I think both of these products are wonderfully formulated and would work great for some people, just not for me!)

You can find both of these foundations at if you want to check them out for yourself!


  1. I adore this foundation ! its soooo great ! it has a great coverage and its not oily at all. its wonderful

  2. Your a genius mixing two foundations together ! I really should try that !

    1. It can really save a foundation that isn't too impressive! Just have to find the perfect ones to mix together!

  3. I have never heard of this foundation before! But it looks like a good one. Good review :-)

  4. This is a really helpful review! I have the Mat Velvet+ and really like it, but I apply a lot when I use it. I find that it stays on really well if you have oily skin. The HD is one that I have wanted to try but just haven't yet. I love the idea of mixing the two! I like to mix bb creams in with my full coverage foundations to get a better finish. These two sound like they go really great together!

    xoxo Lauren
    Will Sing For Makeup

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  6. We can't get Make-up Forever products here in the UK so I'm planning to stock up when I head to Vegas this year! I've heard great things about the foundations :)
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

    1. Have you tried out here?
      Have fun in Vegas!

  7. What a great review. I personally love the mat velvet + but I have to say that I do have pretty good skin with only some hyperpigmentation problems that I can live with so I don't need that much coverage but I have very oily skin, though, so this helps me out in that front. I've nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award, go check it out: