Review: Mask of Magnaminty

I've had my eye on this mask for a very long time but never actually went out and purchased it. I usually don't like shelling out a ton of money for skincare products because I use them faster than makeup and hair products. But I was at the mall and visited my local Lush and I just decided to purchase it on a whim because I knew that if I walked out without it I would regret it! I tried some out on my hand in the store and I noticed it smelled very minty and earthy, which I really liked.

I really couldn't wait to use this mask, so I used it right away! I cleansed my face before with warm water and a makeup remover/cleanser, just to make sure my skin was clean. I then made sure my skin was dry and applied it using my fingers all over my face. The mask is a pretty thick paste, but it really doesn't take much to spread it around!

(I've been using this for a few months and I still have a TON left!)

After applying the mask I waited about 10-15 minutes and let it harden. If you've used masks before then I'm sure you know the stiff face feeling! I then took some warm water and splashed it on my face, turning the mask back into a paste. This mask has tiny aduki beans that are great for exfoliating while you're rinsing it off! After the mask was washed off I noticed my skin felt amazing! It was so soft and clean and my skin really brightened up. I really feel like it cleaned all the impurities out of my pores and cleansed my face wonderfully.

I am so pleased with Mask of Magnaminty and will definitely be repurchasing. The only downside is it can be drying, but just make sure you moisturize after using and you'll be fine! I have combination skin and I use it about once a week, sometimes more if I'm having a break out.

Deep clean        
Great Smell        
Controls Breakouts   
Lasts a long time   



  1. I love it so much!!! I was given a sample of this mask some months ago during a trip of mine in Europe, but now that it's over, I want to get the full size next time I'll travel (no time soon but it's ok!). Amazing smell too! The only downside for me is that at first I had some breakouts on my forehead, but I guess it was a detox phase...

  2. I've been breaking out lately maybe this will help! Thanks :)

  3. Thanks for the review, I will definitively have to try it out.

    Fabulous 30s

  4. Hey Hayley, thanks for following, you have a lovely blog! x