Halloween Limited Edition Box Set

A little while ago a friend of mine sent me a limited edition Halloween box set equipped with all 10 of the movies in the Halloween Franchise! To the original, directed by John Carpenter to the newer ones directed by Rob Zombie. I was extremely appreciative because Michael Myers is definitely my favorite "slasher", and surprisingly, I hadn't seen all the movies before I received this set!

Halloween 1, 2, & 3 Season of the Witch. I had never seen Season of the Witch because everyone always said it has nothing to do with the original Michael Myers franchise, and they were right! It wasn't a bad movie by any means, it just didn't have anything to do with Halloween. I did some research and apparently they were planning on continuing a huge series of movies that cover multiple different scary topics in each film. But it didn't end up as popular as they hoped, everyone wanted more Michael! So in the films after they brought him back.

Halloween 4 & 5 focus on Michael's niece who seems to have some psychic connection with Michael. I really enjoy the 4th film but the 5th is just "okay".

Halloween 6, Halloween H20, and Halloween Resurrection. These is when Halloween starts going downhill a bit in my opinion. Halloween H20 is fine but 6 and Resurrection just completely lose my interest!

Now to the Rob Zombie versions. If you're not familiar with Rob Zombies horror movies then you probably wouldn't like these versions. However, I like the dark and disturbing way he approaches his movies. I really liked the first one, not more than the originals but it's pretty good for a crazy, gory remake. The 2nd one isn't very good in my opinion but that's just me!

If you're a Halloween fan or you know of one I would totally recommend this set. It's so much fun to watch all through them and many contain 2 dvd's for special features you can't find anywhere else if you're into that kind of thing!


  1. Agree with the Rob Zombie films. He's definitely Marmite!
    Lou |

  2. sound like you'll be having an amazing halloween night

  3. Such a lovely set! I haven't seen a lot of Halloween movies yet! I didn't know they're that many.

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  4. it looks like you are all set for halloween

  5. I love love love the Halloween movies! Michael Myers is my favourite old school horror villain.
    This is a really good post :) x