The Walking Dead Season 5 | Four Walls and a Roof


This Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead was pretty exciting and nerve wrecking considering the condition Bob was left in at the end of episode two. Episode three started right where we were left off. Bob had just realized his leg had been amputated and used for food for the remaining members of Terminus. Gareth, the "leader" of that group was talking to Bob, telling him awful things like he's going to kill and consume their whole group, including his girlfriend, Sasha.

Bob starts laughing, they think he's loosing it but then he reveals that he was bitten during the raid at the pantry the day before. He starts laughing and screaming "Tainted meat! I'm infected!"

(I KNEW he was infected! Way to go Bob, at least you got the last laugh on that one)

As the groups start worrying they hit Bob in the face and knock him out.

Sasha starts worrying as Bob is missing and so is Daryl and Carol. She confronts Father Gabriel but he insists that he isn't behind it but confesses that he isn't the saint he claimed to be. It turned out he had locked the doors of the church so the rest of it's members couldn't get in when the whole thing started, thus leading them all to get killed by walkers outside of the church.

Glenn notices someone laying outside in the lawn and realize it's Bob, they hurry to bring him indoors where he can be safe and he reveals that he was bit and what Terminus is planning to do.

After hearing that Gareth and his group are planning to ambush Rick and the others, Abraham wants to leave with Eugene so he isn't in danger. Abraham tries to convince the group to leave but Rick refuses since Carol and Daryl still haven't returned. Glenn and Maggie then promise Abraham that if he stays and helps that they will both leave with him the next day.

You then see Rick, and part of the group leave the church and immediately after they enter the woods we see Gareth's people arriving. (At this point I was SO frustrated and anxious!) The group enters the church as Judith and the others are hiding in a separate room. Gareth starts taunting them and trying to bargain with Gabriel, saying if he leaves now, he can take the baby with him. Suddenly Judith lets out a cry that lets Gareth know exactly where they are. As they are preparing to shoot out the door Rick arrives just in time to make them surrender.

YES! I was so happy.

Gareth starts telling Rick that if he lets them go they will never cross paths again. They will be safe and will leave them alone. Which Rick then takes the chance to let Gareth know that he is a man of his word, as he pulls out the machete with the red handle he told Gareth in the first episode he was going to use to kill him. That basically led to a full on slaughter of the remaining people of Terminus. How glorious was that part? I get so pumped when I see Rick doing things like that, he is AMAZING.

Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Maggie and Glenn all take the small church bus and leave the next day as promised. Why did they have to go?! I know they will be back at some point...but still!

After all of that relief and violence, they had a moment of sadness towards the end. Bob was coming up on his last minutes as he had been bit about a day and half before. He spent his last moments with Sasha, who was completely heartbroken at the loss of her boyfriend. Tyreese, who has been recently having trouble killing and just with violence in general, comes into the room and takes the knife from Sasha. He lets her know that he will put down Bob so she doesn't have to.

At the very end of the episode we see Michonne sitting on the Church steps with Gabriel. They hear a noise in the woods so Michonne goes to check it out. Daryl emerges from the woods alone. When asked about Carol he turns around and says "Come on out..". And that is where the episode ends!

This was such an exciting and pretty satisfying episode in my opinion. I was actually really surprised that Gareth was killed off so soon, I really thought he was going to become a larger enemy, like the governor. But wow, am I glad he's gone! It was pretty emotional at the loss of Bob, he wasn't my favorite but it's still so sad to lose a good person in the group! I'm excited to see how the group moves on and if they will be staying at the church much longer or where they will end up next.

Also, who is with Daryl? I really don't think it's Carol or Beth. Maybe this will be Morgans big return? Or someone completely different? Anyway, I'm so eager to find out!

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think was with Daryl?


  1. i'm so sad about Bob but i'm glad Gareth is dead

  2. I like TWD a lot ! I had several theories going on why Bob was crying when outside before he was taken by Gareth. Very sad story Because Sasha and Bob had found true love at last ! Thank you for sharing

    1. It was very sad! I hate it when the good people die.

  3. You were right about Bob being bitten, awesome! I didn't expect it until I read your last TWD post.
    I'm worried about Rick. Him killing off Gareth in such a brutal way, after hearing Gareth beg.. He is turning into the Govenor. I think something bad is going to happen to him.

    1. I don't think they would every do anything too rash to Rick...but who knows! He is becoming pretty ruthless.

  4. Love the walking dead, definitely a great series to watch
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. I loved TWD but stopped watching in Season 3. Why? Because that blonde chick who was shagging The Governor annoyed the living daylight out of me. I have never seen a more desperate/pathetic woman character and it just turned me off completely. I might start watching again, told hubby dearest that I was planning to but will start from Season 4 onwards...

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. Season 3 & 4 kind of lost me to be honest. I still liked and enjoyed it but it wasn't anything to rave about. However, the 5th season so far is amazing! I definitely recommend starting to watch it again :)

  6. I loved this episode!
    I was so excited when they killed the guys from Terminus, I almost got up and did a little dance! Ha. I love seeing Rick kicking butt too.
    Can't wait for next week! x

  7. I loved this weeks episode!
    It was so good when they killed the guys from Terminus - I almost got up and did a little dance!
    I love seeing Rick kicking butt too.
    Can't wait for next week! x

  8. This weeks ep was amazing had me on the edge of my seat, especially when Gareth was in the church and I thought that Rick had left them. I knew Bob was infected too I kept telling hubby that but he wouldn't believe me haha .
    I don't think Daryl is with Beth or Carol I can't wait to find out though ... obsessed with Walking dead haha xox