The Walking Dead Season 5 | Strangers

You guys seemed to really like the post I made last week recapping the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead. I thought it'd be fun for all of us Walking Dead fans to post one of these every time a new episode airs. So, lets get into The Walking Dead Season 5 Ep 2 | Strangers.

Spoilers below!

This episode starts off with our group traveling through the forest, most likely looking for a good campsite or a means of transportation. They suddenly hear shouts in the distance by a man calling for help. Rick hesitates, but Carl convinces him that they have to go see what's going on and try to help.

They come up on a scene of a man sitting on top of a giant boulder surrounded by a few walkers. Of course Rick and the others find no problem with that and easily take out the walkers that were there. They discover the man on top of the giant rock  calls himself Father Gabriel. He seems shaken and terrified like it was his first experience with walkers.

Rick asks him the crucial "Three questions" which are, "How many walkers have you killed?", "How many people have you killed?", and "Why?" 

His answers "none" to both of the first questions and he claims the reason why is because God does not condone violence. This must seem shocking and almost impossible to the rest of the group who have killed countless walkers and humans.

The group asks him if he has a camp, he mentions that he has a church and leads the group there. On arriving the group decides to check out Father Gabriel's church before he leads them in, just to make sure it's safe. They return with nothing suspicious. Later, Gabriel mentions there is one place nearby that he hasn't been able to raid because it is overrun by walkers, so Rick and a few members of the group travel out there dragging Father Gabriel along with them to retrieve as much cans of food as they can. While they are on their run they see that most of the walkers in the flooded basement are sickening since they have been immersed in water for so long. They end up pushing shelves on top of most of them to get through. They all return unscathed except for Bob who had a close call with a walker. He seemed to act quite weird after that...was he scratched? Did something else happen? I'm not sure!

Throughout the episode, Gabriel doesn't do anything dangerous or questionable...he just seems extremely odd. Like him and his church is completely untouched from the apocalyptic world and and Rick is certain that he is hiding something, which I'm also sure he is.

Towards the end of the episode it shows the group inside of the church having, what looks like, a celebration dinner. Everyone is laughing and enjoying food which was a nice scene since we don't get many of those in this series.

It cuts to a scene with Carol on the road at an abandoned car she found earlier. She seems to be wanting to leave the group and be on her own but Daryl emerges from the woods and stops her. They then hear a car racing down the road and as it passes Daryl sees the same black car with a cross that took Beth! So of course they get in the car and chase after it.

Going back to the group...Bob leaves the church and walks out into the woods in the dark and starts crying, which also leads me to believe maybe he got scratched or hurt in the attack with the walker and didn't want to tell anyone, of course I'm not 100% sure. As he is walking some hooded character comes up behind him and hits him on the back of the head, knocking him out.

He wakes up to realize he had been kidnapped by Gareth and a few other survivors from Terminus. (Can we all agree that at that moment we all just sighed heavily and were extremely annoyed because I sure was!) He confesses to Bob that the reason the took him was because they hunt humans to eat because they are cannibals and the camera pans to show that they have cut off one of Bob's legs and the group is basically cooking and eating him like it's a family Barbecue.

This episode wasn't as action packed as the premiere, but we can't expect every episode to be. With that being said it was a very good episode and definitely is a great segway into episodes in the future like, who is Father Gabriel and what is he hiding? Where does the car with a cross lead? Is Beth ok? Is Bob going to make it out of this? This episode set up so many questions and things we want to be answered so I'm really looking forward to the upcoming weeks.

(Also, how sick was that ending when the terminus people were eating Bob while he was conscious so he knew what was going on!)

What did you think of the Season 5 Ep 2?


  1. it was quite sick and awful but i'm glad they all get poison since Bob got bit by a walker so yeah their karma is coming. just waiting for Negan to be a part of the show

    1. I sure hope so! I'm waiting as well, I'm assuming you are a fan of the graphic novel then? :)

  2. I don't trust that priest at all....There is just something about him....
    I haven't been a fan of Bob but the poor guy! It was just awful!

    1. I don't either. I think he is definitely hiding something. I felt so bad for Bob!

  3. Couldn't believe it when they was eating his leg, you're right....sick! But I thought it was a good episode!

  4. Oh, Daryl. <3 Even with a black eye, he still looks amazing.

    I really enjoy your recap of season 5, ep 2. Very nice.

    I was wondering since you like The Walking Dead (as do I), are you a Stephen King fan?

    I would really like to hear your thoughts on the movie that premiered a couple of days ago based on his book that was published in 2010 called "Big Driver".


    1. I totally agree with that Daryl statement! I do like Stephen King! Although my mother is definitely the expert on Stephen in the family, I'm still kinda new to his books. I'll have to check out the movie!

  5. I also second that comment about Daryl. :)

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  7. I knew something was going to happen to Bob, optimism in the Walking Dead is never a good thing. But that ending, yeesh, I had cannibal dreams ever since I saw this