The Walking Dead Season 5 | Self Help

Stop reading to avoid spoilers!

Self Help gives us a view of what Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn, and Maggie are up to after they left the church and the rest of their group, to travel to DC. It starts off rather lighthearted as they are sitting in the bus driving down the highway with music playing and lots of making fun of Eugene's mullet. The happiness quickly ends as the bus crashes and turns onto its side. No one was harmed and everyone is able to leave the bus "safely". If you consider breaking out the back window and taking down multiple walkers as safe.

We do get to see Eugene make his first kill, which is anything but graceful. But hey, good work Eugene! Maybe you're more capable then you think you are! And then again, maybe not.

But anyway, they end up continuing on foot to I'm assuming is a convenient store where they decide to rest for the night. It finally becomes confirmed that Abraham and Rosita are DEFINITELY  in an intimate relationship. And it's also confirmed that Eugene apparently likes to watch them while being intimate, a bit creepy but they didn't seem to be too bothered!

Tara pulls him away to thank him and he then reveals to her that the bus crash was his own doing. He had put crushed glass inside of the bus so that it would break down on purpose. Tara promises she won't tell and reassures Eugene that he is just a part of the group as everyone else is.

The next day they find a firetruck that they plan to take, since it also has a good supply of water. After having trouble getting it to start they find that the warehouse behind them houses many walkers. Luckily Eugene helps out and uses the powerful water hose to spray all of the dead down. I thought this was extremely inventive and you could tell Eugene was proud of himself to find a way to finally help fight without actually having to get his hands dirty.

Later, Glenn discovers an awful smell that the rest of the group discovers shortly after. They walk farther and find a HUGE herd of the dead. Abraham still wants to continue although the rest of the group claim that he is crazy for wanting to continue through the herd, knowing how dangerous it can be. Everyone starts to fight and scream as Abraham grabs Eugene's arm to drag him back into the truck to leave.

Eugene breaks up the screaming and confesses that he is not a scientist and that he does not have a cure. He just wanted to stay safe and he felt the only way to do so was to claim he was a person of utmost importance. This obviously upsets the group but it completely devastates Abraham. Completely enraged, he ends up knocking out Eugene. He definitely would have killed him if the group hadn't intervened.

Throughout this episode there were flashbacks of Abraham's past. It showed that he once had a family that ended up getting killed when the apocalypse started. When he discovers his wife and children's bodies it shows him attempting to kill himself, but before he can Eugene shows up and tells him about the mission. It's then connected that this "mission" although fake, kept Abraham alive and fighting. So, in a way I feel like Eugene did Abraham a weird favor. 

I'm extremely impressed with this season of The Walking Dead so far. I was worried when I realized they were splitting up the group and showing on one group each episode but I feel like it's really telling the story well and it's definitely letting us get to know the characters even better. 

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Eugene is okay? Was Eugene lies justified? Do you think they will continue traveling or return back to Rick and his group?


  1. I screamed I told you so to my boyfriend when Eugene announced his little deception! But I agree even if it was a lie he gave Abraham a reason to live really so he kinda owes him one. I have no idea what's going to happen next but I can't wait for the next Beth episode!

    1. I have no idea either! This season is definitely turning out to be pretty exciting.

  2. Replies
    1. Hope you get caught up soon! Sorry if I spoiled some of it for you.

  3. Eesh! Sneaky Eugene.....I knew there was something off about him!
    Next weeks looks great! I do love Daryl & Carol x

    1. I do too! Daryl will always be my favorite

  4. i wasn't surprised about eugene been a phoney! i mean he said such things to Abraham to give him hope which was bad. nice review

  5. I LOVE WALKING DEAD!! I loved this post!!!! Thx for that!!!
    -> if daryl dies, we riot <-
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  7. I so saw this coming! I had already guessed that he wasn't a Scientist and had made it up. But the unravelling of it all had me on hooks the whole way through the episode! Very pleased with it. But I want to know what's going on with Rick and the others!
    Reinventing Neesha ♥