The Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason Finale | Coda

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead aired this past weekend and it didn't disappoint when it comes to shock value.


The midseason finale started off with a bang as we see Officer Lamson trying to escape the warehouse the group tied him up in. After knocking Sasha out in the episode before he was now running away, but of course he didn't get far. Rick noticed him so he started to drive towards him. He used a speaker in the car to try to convince Officer Lamson to stop and he wouldn't get hurt. Lamson refused so Rick wasn't going to put up with it and hits him with the car. 

Officer Lamson obviously is hurt and tells Rick that he thinks he broke his back. He tries to plead for his life but Rick says those haunting words "Can't go back Bob" that we heard Gareth say in the first episode of this season. Rick then shoots him in the head before he can say any more. 

It then takes us back to Father Gabriel, who had sneaked out of the church to visit the elementary school to see the truth for himself. Then a hoard of walkers escape from the school and start to follow Gabriel all the way back to the church where Carl, Judith and Michonne are safely waiting. He bangs on the front doors until Carl and Michonne let him in.

Now, back to Rick, he now feels at a disadvantage because instead of using three officers in his trade he only has two. Officer Shepard claims that she will stick to the story that Lamson got attacked by walkers, which persuades Rick to continue with the non-violent approach. 

Back at St. Sarahs, the church has been overrun with the walkers that followed Father Gabriel and just when they seem to break loose Abraham and his group arrive with a truck that blocks the door. Happily they are reunited and Maggie is thrilled to hear that Beth is still alive and that a plan is in motion to save her and Carol. Tara tell her "Lets blow this joint and go save your sister". So they all happily leave to aid the rescue if they are able. 

At Grady Memorial we see Beth sitting in the elevator shaft as Dawn comes up behind her. Beth claims she wanted some time alone but Dawn starts a full speech on why she had saved Beth and that she is a cop killer (when she lured Officer Gorman to his demise).

Officer O'Donnell hears this and instantly tells Dawn he has to let the others know what Beth did. Dawn starts to defend herself and claims that he isn't the same person he used to be and that she is doing what she has to. They end up getting into a physical fight, Beth jumps in and ends up throwing O'Donnell down the elevator shaft. 

Beth tells Dawn that she knows she didn't save her because she cared, but because she wanted to stay safe. Dawn knows she is correct but still tries to defend herself, which then Carol finally wakes up! (It's about time!)

Finally, the moment we have been waiting for. The stand off between Rick's group and the hospital. They get through the initial trade rather quickly and effortlessly. Rick sends the two cops over and over comes Beth and Carol. However, Dawn then confirms that she needs one last thing, Noah. (I KNEW it wasn't going to be easy, when is it in The Walking Dead?)

Rick says no, that it wasn't part of the deal but Noah ends up heading over there anyway. He obviously doesn't want anyone else to get hurt. Dawn says to Noah, "I knew you'd be back." Beth runs over to hug Noah before he leaves them and then she confronts Dawn. It was an extremely tense moment. She looks her in the eyes and says "I know what you mean now." She then pulls out the scissors she had stashed earlier on and stabs Dawn in the chest, which leads to Dawn pulling the trigger and shooting Beth in the head. 

Dawn stammers and claims it was an accident, but Daryl doesn't hesitate to shoot her down. We then see Daryl and the rest of the group tearing up and crying as Rick pulls a gun on the other officers. "It's over! Dawn is dead, no one else needs to die." Is something along the lines that Officer Shepard yells. After composing himself a bit, Rick claims that anyone that wants to leave with him can, but we only see Noah come with them. 

We are then viewing Maggie, Glenn, Abraham and everyone else approaching the hospital and they see Rick and everyone leaving. Then, we see Daryl holding Beth in his arms, and Maggie instantly collapses and is completely devastated at the loss of her sister. 

After that heart-wrenching ending we see a scene of Morgan getting closer to Rick's group. He's right on their trail and he doesn't even realize it until he finds a note in the church that Abraham left him when they first left to take Eugene to DC. 

And after that tense midseason finale we have to wait until February! I was expecting someone to die (as usual in the finale's) but it really happened so fast and I was genuinely shocked! Although I was extremely sad to see Beth go, I was just starting to like her! The worst part was seeing Daryl and Maggie break down. I really don't think they are going to be completely functioning for awhile.

What did you think of the finale?


  1. I thought it was really good, I've liked this series a lot so far. Someone did post a spoiler on instagram though of the scene carrying beth out, so unfortunately I knew it was coming, gutted.

    1. It was completely unsuspected for me! I was shocked when she got shot. Sometimes, I think I'd like a little warning beforehand so I know how much I'm going to cry, lol!

  2. AMC ruined this for me. I saw the #RIPBETH spoiler on their facebook account before I had watched the episode. I still wanted to cry when Beth got shot though. I really liked her in the end!
    I have to wait til February!? God damn it!
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

    1. I started really liking her as well! So sad that she had to die when she was SO close to freedom.

  3. I was lucky that I managed to avoid all spoilers. The look on Daryls' face was what did me in, they all played it so brilliantly. With so much death in the show you kind of get used to it, but you could see how absolutely broken they all were by this one. Roll on February.

    1. It definitely was extremely heartbreaking. Can't wait until February!

  4. I have not seen this episode yet, but I kinda prefer reading the spoilers than breaking down crying of shock because of Beth (she's probably my favourite character right after Daryl)! This show is going to break my heart one day.. I hope nobody else dies.. sigh. x The Caramel Cat

    1. I've basically gotten used to the idea that everyone can be killed off on this show (except Rick & Daryl). It's a pretty tense and heartbreaking show!

  5. I loveee walking dead OMG you're a fan too?!? <3__<3