The Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason Premiere | What Happened and What's Going On

The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere aired this past Sunday, and of course I was very eager to watch it and see what they have in store. After the heartbreaking Midseason finale I was curious to see where the group would be and how they were handling their loss.


The episode started off with the group burying someone (presumably Beth) and Father Gabriel saying a sermon. Then we see Noah discussing to Rick that his plan is to return home to Virginia and see his family and that it was also Beth's idea to get him there. So Rick decides to take him there to fulfill Beth's final wish.

Upon arriving the walk up to the gates (it seems to be similar to Woodbury) Glenn looks over and shakes his head. Of course causing Noah to become frantic and jump over the gates and run into the middle of the street. His hometown had obviously been raided and attacked by infected. The group runs after him and he collapses onto the street. Terrified and shocked. Tyreese stays with him and tries to talk him down while the others decide to do a quick sweep.

Noah takes off as Tyreese yells and chases him. They end up in front of Noah's old house. He wants to go inside but Tyreese insists that he checks it out first. Upon entering he sees a woman laying dead in the living room. This is assumed to be Noah's mom, as he goes up to her and covers her with a blanket and whispers to her. Tyreese continues through the house and comes upon a door that has a silhouette of a young boy that has been infected behind it. He enters a bedroom that had belonged to Noah's younger twin brothers. He starts to analyze the photos on the wall of the past, when suddenly the other twin sneaks up behind him and bites Tyreese's arm.

At this point I was in full on panic mode. I was screaming "Cut your arm off! NOW!" but of course that's not how it went. Noah rushes into the room and kills his brother as he sees Tyreese has been bit, he decides to run for help.

As Noah is gone we start to see Tyreese's health quickly declining. He suddenly becomes pale and sweaty. He then starts to hallucinate. He first sees Martin, who was the man at Terminus who threatened Judith. He also sees Mika and Lizzie, Bob, Beth and The Governor. The way they portrayed his hallucinations were very interesting. At one point as he is hallucinating he realizes that it's actually a walker that attacks him, too weak to fight back he lets it bite his arm again.

Throughout this time everyone he sees keeps telling him that it's okay and that it's better now and it's okay to give up and come to the other side. But Tyreese is strong and wants to fight through. Eventually, he sees The Governor start to pull onto his arm but then we see it's actually Rick and the rest of the group getting ready to amputate him.

After they gruesomely cut off his infected arm they carry him out of the house and towards the car. Rick has gotten in contact with Carol and tells her that they need to quickly cauterize the wound so he doesn't bleed out. As they are rushing back to the rest of the group, Tyreese is staring out the car window and hallucinates Beth again, telling him it's okay. He ends up passing away from blood loss (I'm guessing, since bites tend to take longer to kill you) and we see the group burying him at the end of the episode.

I was extremely disappointed in this episode. Tyreese was such a strong character that had so many emotions and was the "moral compass" of the group. I feel like his death was executed so badly and he should not have left in that way. It wasn't necessary either, I feel like they did it for shock value when really it was just completely uncalled for and aggravating. I cry very easily, but I didn't cry at all when he died, which is really saying something considering he was one of my favorites. I just feel like there was no build up and could have been avoided. This was an episode that needed to be about dealing with Beth's death and moving forward, not another shocking moment. This was probably one of my least favorite episodes of the whole series. I really wanted him to die by protecting Judith or something along the lines of that. Also, where was Karen? I was very disappointed that they didn't show her as an hallucination, as that would have brought a lot more emotion into the moment.

I really hope The Walking Dead can reel me back in with future episodes, because I'm becoming disappointed in where the story is headed.

How did you feel about Tyreese's death?


  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award ! :)

  2. I don't know why they had to kill this character so soon, Tyreese deserved a better ending/death and I agree about Karen, why didn't he saw her? This week episode was very slow paced, I know that the charaters are struggling with many issues, I hope the next episode is going to be more interesting.

  3. Just watched this episode, was definitely a bit of a strange one but I liked it! I agree that they should have concentrated on Beth's death rather than killing off another main character, but I really liked how they explored Tyreese's character more and his battle between fighting and giving up. I was never really that attached to Tyreese but this episode made me like him more, it's a shame that that only happened just as he's dying! Maybe I'm just super sensitive but I was in tears haha, everything is just going so wrong for the group! Beth xxx