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In the opening scenes we see Maggie, Daryl, and Sasha all struggling to find some source of water or food in the woods. They then start to return to the rest of the group and see that they haven't had any luck finding anything either.

You can see the obvious exhaustion of surviving and losing people in the group, especially in Maggie, Sasha and Daryl who are all battling emotions and reasons to continue living. We even hear Maggie ask Sasha how much longer they have, Sasha replies with "60 miles" and Maggie says "I wasn't talking about that."

The only one in the group that seems to have some sort of optimistic outlook is Michonne, which is a change from her tough, "trust no one" front she has been putting up since we have met her.

There is a moment of lightness when Carl brings Maggie a broken music box he finds, saying he thought it might be something she would enjoy. I think the music box might mean something more...but I'm not 100% sure yet.

They are so exhausted and emotionally drained that they aren't even phased by a herd of walkers crowding behind them and stumbling closely behind. They are not alarmed at all that they are being followed by what once was the biggest threat, which now seems almost relieving after realizing living humans are the biggest threat you can face in the current world. Not to completely rule out that they ARE still dangerous and to be feared, especially after Tyreese's demise.

They do come up with a plan to get the walkers off of their trail by waiting by a bridge and throwing/leading them over. They do it this way to use less ammo and energy but Sasha, being riddled with grief and anger of Tyreese's death stabs one which slows down their plan and causes the group to shoot, decapitate and stab the remaining walkers. Michonne pulls Sasha away and says "I told you to quit!" She's worried that Sasha will end up like Tyreese had after his loss of Karen, angry and upset can make you stupid and reckless, which is not a good thing in their current world.

They stumble upon some vehicles and start to search. Maggie finds a key to a trunk and opens it to reveal a walker trapped inside, the woman had been tied up and gagged and had obviously died that way. It looked like to have been a young girl too which was a pretty emotional moment for Maggie. She closes the trunk but immediately regrets doing so because she knows she needs to put her out of her misery but can't get it unlocked again. Luckily, Glenn is able to pry it open and kill the walker.

At one point in the episode as they are standing the road a pack of now wild dogs emerges from the forest, growling. Sasha ends up shooting them and they eat them for dinner. (Which definitely was my least favorite part of the episode, but hey, I'm sensitive when it comes to animals.)

Daryl heads off into the forest to "search for water" but ends up sitting by a tree and smoking part of a cigarette. He's obviously still grieving Beth and I think he needs his alone time at some point. He only smokes half and ends up burning himself with it but with no reaction. As he's sitting he notices a barn but doesn't investigate and ends up going back onto the road. When he returns Rick is holding up a sign that says "FROM A FRIEND" and he looks down to see bottles and a couple gallons of water.

Rick and the rest of the group are parched but are too scared to touch the water because it might be tampered with. Eugene grabs a bottle but get's it knocked out of his hand. But, just in time it starts to thunder and rain. The rain is pouring and the group is so relieved that they start laughing and even laying in the road to feel the rain. As the storm gets a little more aggressive Daryl mentions that there is a barn off the road that he saw, so they all run off to take shelter.

They spend the night in the barn. While they are all sitting by the fire they start discussing about what the world currently is. Michonne says "this isn't the world". And Rick mentions that it's more difficult for adults to adapt to this world than it is children. because childhood is about getting used to the world anyway. That's when he says the infamous line from the graphic novels, "WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD" I don't know about you but as an avid reader of the graphic novels that line totally gave me chills.

Later that night, Daryl is keeping watch. As the storm continues he looks outside and sees a giant herd of walkers. He blocks the doors as Sasha starts to see him struggle and goes to help. The rest of the group then runs to help block the doors and it goes into slow motion seeing them all struggle to keep the barn doors closed and everyone safe. It then cuts into morning and everyone is asleep across the ground.

For a split second I almost think the night before was a nightmare, but unfortunately it wasn't.

Daryl hands Maggie her music box and claims he fixed it for her. Then Maggie goes to Sasha and wakes her and says they should go outside and see what's going on. As they emerge from the barn they see that the storm from the night before had knocked down a lot of trees and fell onto the herd. As they walk throughout the damage they walk over to see the sunrise. As they are sitting there in the silence of morning Sasha mentions how she didn't think she was going to make it much longer the day before. How she couldn't find a reason to survive. Which Maggie replies "I know we'll both make it." She tries to turn on the music box but it still isn't working. They start to laugh but just as the mood starts to lighten a strange man appears with his hands up, asking to speak with the leader, Rick, saying he has some very good news for them. Sasha and Maggie both raise their guns to him and as they are standing off the music box starts to play, thus signaling an eerie end to the episode.

I thought this episode was slow, but nice. They don't need to have extreme action in every single episode and this show's more sides of the characters and it's always nice for story building.

(I'm sorry I'm super behind on these. A weeks vacation has me totally thrown off on posting these at the right time, hopefully I can get on track next week!)

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