The Walking Dead Season 5 | The Distance


In last Sundays episode I was eager to hear more from the stranger known as Aaron and what kind of good news he wanted to present to Rick and the rest of the group. Maggie and Sasha bring him to the barn and immediately nearly everyone raises their weapons, just in case.

Aaron explains that he belongs to a community but you have to "audition" to join. Which is definitely an...odd way to phrase it. He handed over his weapon and hands Rick a small stack of photographs that he claims are photos taken of Alexandria. He says it's guarded by a huge steel wall that nothing alive or dead can infiltrate. He says it's safe and happy. As he's talking Rick walks up to him and punches him, knocking him out.

After Aaron awakens Rick confronts him, asking why the only "weapon" he was carrying was a flare gun and then asks how many of his people are out there waiting. Aaron replies with "Does it really matter how many I say they are? You aren't going to believe me no matter what I say." Which is a good point, he then later says there is only one person. Rick says he wants to sneak up on Alexandria to see what exactly they have going on and asks Aaron where it is. He tells them that he has two vehicles parked on a main road and that they couldn't get much closer to the barn because of the storm. He also admits that he had been watching them for awhile and was the one to leave them the supply of water with the note "From a friend".

Rick decides to send everyone but himself and Judith out to find the vehicles to see if Aaron is lying. He tells him that if his group isn't back in 60 minutes he's going to put a bullet in Aaron's skull.

As the group is searching for the vehicles they find out he isn't lying. They in fact find a car and an RV that would be plenty of room to bring them all back to Alexandria. They return back to the barn to discuss what they should do next.

Rick decides that they should head there at night, sneak up on them when they're least expecting it to see what it's all about. Aaron disagrees, saying it's dangerous and not a good idea but they have already made up their mind.

Michonne asks Rick what would convince him to stay in Alexandria and he mentions that when he went to Woodbury or Terminus he didn't hear anything. It was completely silent. But then reveals there probably isn't anything that would fully convince him to stay.

That night they travel by car and RV. As they're driving they enter right in the middle of a herd of walkers. They drive right through them which causes their car to look like a complete massacre. They lost the RV behind them and they have no idea if the rest of the group is safe.

They see a flare in the distance and Aaron jumps out of the car and takes off, saying he has to go now. He suddenly seems extremely urgent and frightened. They run after him into the woods which is scattered with walkers and it's dark, which isn't a good mix. Glenn finds Aaron and he tries to beckon Glenn to leave with him. But Glenn refuses and the rest of the group catches up to them.

They all decide that the best idea would be to run towards the flare that was near a water tower.

Upon arriving they see that the rest of their group is there safely and Aaron runs in asking for a man named Eric. He runs into the room where Eric is sitting and passionately kisses him. I really liked this part. I loved that they didn't reveal his sexuality until the end so you can decide whether you like him or not by his actions, not your prejudices. There was a lot of uproar over this gay kiss and all I can say is, deal with it. It's an original part of the graphic novel and why does it matter anyways? It doesn't. I've noticed a lot of fans that are insecure about themselves throughout this whole "gay couple" debate. But anyway, Eric is injured but seems to be otherwise fine.

The next day we see them traveling in the RV towards Alexandria, we see it coming up in the distance an Abraham is proud that he has almost made it. However they do have a bit of engine trouble with the RV but luckily Glenn has remembered some of the information Dale had taught him in the past.

They arrive at the big gates and as they are sitting in the car Rick can hear children laughing and playing. Michonne and Rick exchange glances and exit the car and the episode ends.

I am so excited for them to finally enter Alexandria. It's such a big part of the graphic novels and I'm eager to see how it will play out on the show!


  1. omgggg I LOVE Walking Dead too! yay two fans here. Hey, just wondering, after season 12 do we have to wait a while for the next episode AGAIN or will it continue as per usual? people have me freaking out as if they're going to stop for another 4 months

    1. I'm assuming you mean after episode 12, right? They will be finishing up with this season and then it will go on hiatus until the 6th season which should start sometime in October!

  2. YAY Walking Dead is so good

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  3. So annoying how many people were moaning about the kiss between those guys don't know why people are so bloody judgmental . Did you watch last nights? I don't think "Alexandra" ( think that was the name of the town) is going to be all it seems although I do think it's overdue that they meet some sane people . xox

    1. I did! Alexandria seems a bit shady, but I'm hoping it turns out well for everyone. Although I highly doubt it will, they are not notorious for having good luck!