Florapy Beauty | Review

Florapy Beauty was kind enough to send me two of their sheet masks awhile back. I like most face masks but sheet masks are always a hit or miss for me. I feel like they never stay on my face and are always too messy. But regardless, I was still eager to test these out. 

They allowed me to choose, but I really liked all of their options, so I asked the brand to choose their personal favorites or their most popular masks. I was super excited to try the Jasmine and Peppermint, I love anything minty.

The first mask I tried was the Dandelion Lemongrass and it was really nice! The scent was light and when you placed it on your skin it didn't move around or fall off like the average sheet mask I've tried in the past.

I left it on for about 15 minutes and then rinsed it off with warm water. It was nice but I didn't feel like it did anything remarkable for my skin, however it did smell nice and was a nice way to relax.

(Detox Mask - $8)

The Peppermint Mask, however I really enjoyed. The smell was wonderful (I adore jasmine and peppermint!) and I felt like it really made my skin feel very clean. 

Overall, I would recommend this brand if you're looking for some new sheet masks to try. They have a variety of scents and masks to treat every type of skin. Every mask is $8, which might seem steep for something that is a single use. But if you're looking for the perfect thing to add to your girls night or even if you just want to take a night to treat yourself and relax, these are definitely worth checking out.

I'm really interested in trying the Deep Hydration and Sweet Dreams sheet masks next. 

Leave in the comments below what ones you'd like to try!


  1. I also usually am not able to make sheet masks work ^^ but good if at least one felt like it did something for your skin!

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