Maple Holistics | Review

Maple Holistics is a brand committed to using natural and healthy ingredients to improve your hair, skin, and hygiene. I'm always looking for new hair products and face products to try, so the moment they reached out to me, I said of course! I browsed through their website and found their limited edition, winter blend shampoo and conditioner, and the Dead Sea face mask were the products I were most eager to try. 

Spread this mask all over your face or in your problem areas. Leave it on for about 15 minutes or until it's dry. I've never used the Glamglow Supermud mask but they way this Dead Sea mask dries reminded me of it. It dries as a light green but any blemishes or areas on your face that are oiler than others, dries dark green. 

This mask isn't very harsh or drying so you could use it more than once a week if you wished! It is pretty messy though while washing it off, so keep that in mind! I'd recommend applying it before you shower and washing it off in the shower! 

The winter blend shampoo and conditioner smell very minty, which I love. It works well but it can be a bit drying if you use it daily. The smell lingers for quite awhile in my hair so if you're a fan of long lasting minty scents, then this would be a great shampoo and conditioner for you! 

I have definitely become a fan of Maple Holistics after trying these products! I love that they're natural, work well, and smell great! They have a good variety of products, so check them out at ! 


  1. Oh, wondering if they had a halloween / autumn limited edition O_O°

  2. The Dead Sea face mask looks amazing!!
    -Morgs x