Top 5 Video Games

I am a HUGE video game fan. I love everything about it, to the stories, graphics, atmosphere, characters, etc. I've played a lot of games, but there are only a small group that I can honestly say I "loved" and really enjoyed playing and would play over and over again. So this is going to be my top 5 video games I've ever played!

1. Last of Us

The Last of Us is by far my favorite game I have ever had the pleasure to experience. It was developed by Naughty Dog and was released in 2013. The game takes place 20 years after the zombie apocalypse occurred. For most of the game you play as the rugged and ruthless Joel, who has become cold and hardened by the things he's had to go through to survive in the world he now lives in. He comes in contact with a 14 year old girl named Ellie who he needs to deliver to the group known as the Fireflies. It follows their journey and the obstacles they have to go through. 

I would really recommend this game to anyone. The graphics are wonderful and at times you'll forget that you're not watching a movie. The characters go through so much growth and emotions and it takes you right with them. I really enjoyed that the zombies are more of a second layer, the characters and the story are what really give heart to this game. I could go on and on about this game but you should really just play it for yourself! The only con to this game is that it's exclusive to PS3.

2. Bioshock Infinite 

I've always loved The Bioshock series and I was so excited for this third one to be released. Infinite was created by Irrational Games and was released in 2013. Once I got my hands on it I played through it extremely fast. Bioshock Infinite is different from the first Bioshock, and Bioshock Two, as you are playing a character that you get to know and love. The first two didn't really give much backstory to the main character and I felt it was more about the environment and the missions. Infinite offers character development, a killer story, and amazing graphics. You start as a character named Booker Dewitt who is, for some reason, trying to capture a girl named Elizabeth because he seems to be in some sort of "debt" with some shady people. Throughout the game you travel through the world in the clouds called Columbia and although it looks very beautiful it has some very dark secrets! 

This game has very smooth gameplay and I always have fun when I play it. The world is stunning and you can really tell that the artists and creators put so much love into it. The twists and turns of the story are great and somewhat unexpected. I'd recommend this to anyone who loved the first two or who are just looking for a game that'll make them think and that's joy to play! 

3. Silent Hill 2

This game is a bit of a throwback being it was released in 2001, when graphics and special effects weren't what they are today. But I still have such a love for this game. I've played all of the Silent Hill games, and this one is always the one I turn back to. Silent Hill 2 is a suvival-horror game developed by Konami. You play as James Sunderland who has come to the creepy town of Silent Hill to look for his late wife who mysteriously "sent him a letter". You travel through the town picking up clues to find the whereabouts of his wife and you meet many scary creatures and interesting characters along the way. 

I am a giant Silent Hill nerd and I love the stories and the meanings behind things in the games. However, even if you don't know much about it I still think if you're a fan of horror you could thoroughly enjoy playing it. There are no real jumpscares, so you don't have to worry about that. But the atmosphere of Silent Hill really adds to the horror. There are multiple endings to this game, but they are all interesting! The only downside I can think of is sometimes the controls annoyed me because the camera would move at weird angles as you're trying to travel around the town, but other than that I love everything about this game! 

4. The Walking Dead: Season 1

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows and graphic novels so it would just be common sense for the video game to be in my favorites! The Walking Dead is a game produced by Telltale Games. The game itself is split up into 5 episodes that furthers the story. The graphics are beautiful and unique, the best way to describe it is if a graphic novel game to life. However there really isn't much "gameplay" to it. It's more of a story based "movie" game which is why it took me while to purchase it. I'm usually not a fan of games that don't let you control your character most of the time. But this game was absolutely amazing. You get to make choices while you're playing which causes the game to adapt to whatever you chose. The story is actually pretty emotional and you get attached to the characters.

 You play as a man named Lee who gets in a car crash at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. He meets a little girl named Clementine and he takes her under his wing until he finds her parents who were on vacation. It's completely different from the show and the novel, you do however, meet a few characters like Hershel and Glenn, but they don't stick around for long. If you like zombie games or you're a fan of the show/comic I'd definitely think you'd like this! 

5. Resident Evil 4

This was actually the first horror game I ever played completely through. I really fell in love with the atmosphere and the characters. When I first got this game for my Playstation 2 I couldn't stop playing it! Resident Evil 4 was developed by Capcom and was released in 2005. You play as the police officer Leon S. Kennedy and you are sent on a mission to rescue the presidents daughter, Ashley Graham. He stumbles upon a village filled with homicidal people infected with a zombie-like virus that are all out to kill him.  

I've played a lot of Resident Evil games and this will always be my favorite. I feel like this one has the best controls and the gameplay is rather smooth compared to their older and even their newer games. It's fun and addicting and there are tons of creepy, mutated creatures around every corner to fight! I didn't think it was a super challenging game, but I enjoyed it a lot. The only downside is the character Ashley can get kind of annoying but it's not a big deal! I'd really recommend it if you haven't played it already! 

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