Favorite Youtubers

Youtube is a BIG part of my every day life. I am constantly watching new videos, finding new people and falling in love with new styles, makeup looks, and vlogs. I would also someday like to start my own channel, would you guys be into that? I don't know, maybe someday! But anyway, I thought it'd be fun to make a list of my favorite Youtube channels! Hopefully you see someone you like or discover someone new! 


Alb, also known as Angelina, is just an amazing person in my opinoin! She doesn't have a set schedule like some that upload weekly or on certain days. But I always get SO excited when I see she posted something new. She has such great views and she isn't afraid to express them. She makes videos about her life, makeup, hair, feminism, etc. I really love the overall variation she has with her videos, her channel isn't about just one thing, it's about EVERYTHING. She is so well spoken and kind and I genuinely love every video she posts. I feel like her channel is such an honest and kind place.

Anastajia Louise

Anastasjia is a newer subscription for me on Youtube. A lot of her videos have to do with thrifting which I find very entertaining and exciting when people can find beautiful things at local thrift/vintage shops. She's a very funny girl and I can tell she really enjoys what she's talking about. I also enjoy how honest she is about her struggles with anxiety and how she wants to help others that suffer with it too! She's so easy to relate to which I think is why I enjoy watching her so much.

Claire Marshall

I've been watching Claire for about a year or two now and I still get super excited to see when she posts a new video. She posts a lot of fashion, makeup and vlogs and I really enjoy every single one! I also really love her decor style and just in general I feel like she really loves making Youtube videos and really connects with her watchers and is very down to earth which is something that I really like.
Jenn Im

I feel like Jenn Im is a must watch for anyone who loves fashion. Her style is usually so simple but so polished and unique at the same time. But I have to say, my favorite videos of hers are the vlogs when she travels! Her styling videos always inspire me as well! She is so bright and happy and all of her videos are so neat and clean and I just thoroughly enjoy watching her.


Stephanie aka SoothingSista is a channel that focuses on fashion and beauty, do you see a reoccuring theme here? I found her through Jenn Im, they happen to be best friends, and I fell in love with her videos. Her voice is really soft and somewhat...soothing, maybe that's where her name came from? But really, I always feel very calm listening and watching her videos and I really like that. She also seems to know what she's talking about and she enjoys it.

Jaclyn Hill

If you love makeup videos and you haven't heard of Jaclyn Hill, stop reading this right now and go check out her channel! Her makeup is always so perfect and I feel like we have a lot of the same likes when it comes to makeup. So I always make sure to check out her videos before going shopping! She is such a bright and bubbly person and watching her videos, whether it be a tutorial, haul, or just her sitting and chatting you feel like you're hanging out with a friend. Her makeup skills are beautiful and I never get tired of seeing the looks she comes up with.  

I hope you guys maybe found a new Youtuber that you can fall in love with! These are just a few of my many subscriptions on Youtube, but I felt it would be fun to share my favorites because I'm always interested in hearing which Youtubers other people love!


  1. believe it or not, I've actually heard of none of these youtubers! How crazy is that! I'm definitely going to have to subscribe to all of them now!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

    1. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do!

    2. you need to check out Jaclyn!! Shes ssoooooooo good!!

  2. Youtube is such a huge part of my life too! Anytime I'm down, I love watching VLOGS & I love gaining makeup inspiration from tutorials too! Can't wait to check all these out! xx

    Sunaina ❃

    1. Hope you find someone you like! Youtube is great for all types of inspiration or entertainment!

  3. Great list of youtubers here, I also spend at bit more time than I probably should watching beauty videos/hauls/lookbooks etc nice post lovely xx

  4. I love You Tube and have currently over 260 people I am subscribed too. I wish I had the confidence to do You Tube videos myself, but I am far happier typing away behind a computer screen.

  5. I'm subscribed to Jenn Im too :D Hadn't heard about the others... my fav. youtubers are Aspyn Ovard, Meredith Foster and Zoella :) Great post!
    Dany | Dany Szelsky

  6. I too spend way more time than probably socially acceptable watching YouTube! Good choices!