Honey Run Falls

The past few months I have been making a short list of places I want to visit in Ohio before I move. I have a couple places and surprisingly, they are all within an hour from where I live. It seems so odd to me that I have lived in this state for 19 years and have never really explored a lot of the neat places close by.

One of those places was Honey Run Falls. It wasn't a "must visit" place but I figured since it was close by I might as well check it out while I have the chance! I had heard about the waterfall there and had been wanting to see it for awhile!

There were lots of children swimming and playing around the waterfall so I really couldn't get many photos, which was unfortunate. But I'm hoping to go back when it gets a little bit cooler out so I can take more photos at different angles. Regardless, it was a nice little water fall and would be a really relaxing spot to spend the afternoon.

We came upon this little cave that seemed like a really cool little spot. It did smell like something had died in there though, so we didn't really venture much further.

At the end of the short trail you come upon this river. It was really peaceful except for all of the mosquitoes! For some reason I seem to be particularly tasty to those awful things because whenever I try to do something outside in the morning or evening they attack me! I came back from this short trip covered in bites but it was worth it. I do wish the area was bigger and that they had more trails to explore, I have so much fun walking around the woods!

I was also kind of disappointed that I didn't see much wildlife. I saw a couple dragonflies, but I was waiting for a turtle or something!

Honey Run was a really nice little park that I would definitely like to visit again! It's a short drive and I bet it would be completely gorgeous once all of the leaves start to change in the fall.


  1. Wow, so pretty =]

  2. This looks really beautiful!

  3. The falls are really pretty! Ugh, I hate mosquitoes too! They always tear me up!

  4. Beautiful area, such a nice summertime spot.

  5. What a beautiful place!

  6. Photos are amazing, you make me wanna visit that place. I have the same problem with mosquitoes, I hate those bastards hahah

  7. This looks like such a magical place. All those fallen trees and those rocks and waterfalls--ohhh! I'm glad you got to explore such a pretty spot!