Basic Bags

Even though I like cute, pastel and fun colored bags it's always nice to have a few basic bags, but that certainly doesn't mean they're boring! I found some super cute bags that you can use for more "professional/serious" occasions. Or just something that will go with almost anything! 

1. Myrum
3. Yong
4. Barager - Midnight Black
5. Ullum -  Camel
6. Ullum - Taupe
8. Barager - Bone
12. Ambreloso

Hope you all enjoyed my picks! If you want to read my post on "Cute Bags for Spring & Summer" Click here!


  1. #2 and #12 = LOVE !!! Great selection ^^

  2. I actually really like all these bags! Blacks and neutral pastel colours are perfect for any outfit as they just go with anything I think! X
    |Life as a Petite|

  3. great picks ! I love 6 and 12 :)

  4. oh gee, they're all so pretty, not sure which we'd choose. we really like all the neutral coloured ones!