Review: MUFE HD Microperfecting Primer

I've always been interested in trying a green tinted primer but it took me a long time to actually purchase one. I did a lot of research and the Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer seemed to be the best bet. I have tried a few other primers before and wasn't impressed, so I felt that maybe primer really isn't as amazing as everyone says. But regardless, I thought I'd give this one a try. It comes in 7 different colors so you can pick which one would work best for your skin!

I went with the Green primer. I really don't suffer with a lot of redness but I felt it would be the most fitting color to try.

I was extremely eager to get home and try it. I simply applied it to my clean skin using my fingers. It feels a lot nicer than other primers I've tried. It doesn't have that "silicone feeling" that most primers do. I only used one pump and it was enough to apply it to my whole face. I noticed when I applied it to my skin the green tint definitely changed my tone a bit and I was worried it would make my skin look grey. However it easily blended and wasn't even noticeable.

I then applied my foundation like normal. I didn't really notice my foundation going on any smoother, however I did notice that my color was very even. My skin looked great and there was no redness or discoloration. I wore this with my foundation for about 8 hours and it stayed on perfectly. My skin tone was even and it kept my foundation looking fresh the whole time. This honestly has changed my mind completely about primers and I am excited to try more!

I would definitely recommend this primer to anyone who suffers with redness. I can't say about the other colors since I haven't used them but if the formula is similar to this I'm sure they're great! If you're looking for a primer to fill in pores I wouldn't recommend it though, it focuses more on evening tone, which is exactly what I wanted! It also seems like it's going to last me awhile which is always a plus!

 Evens Tone        
Long lasting       
Makeup looks fresh for up to 8 hours
Great variation in colors    

Doesn't fill in pores  

I will definitely be repurchasing this once I run out (which will be awhile!)

You can purchase the Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer at for $34.


  1. This looks good and since I have a lot of acne scars I think the green would work well for me, but I'm not sure where to get hold of it in the UK :(


  2. Great review. I don't suffer from any redness, but I do have discoloration. Maybe this might be helpful for that too.
    Bright and Shiny

  3. It might! I'd check out the other colors too, just to see which one would suit you best!

  4. I haven't tried using a primer but I have been looking to try the best one for me. I'm gonna hunt this down :D

  5. Hi, I love reading your blog, its awesome. I've tagged you to do the summer tag. I'd love to see your answers!
    ~Miss Megan

  6. Non conoscevo questa linea di primer.. Ma sono molto interessata al aspetto della mia pelle. Curioso il colore verde.. Vorrei provarlo, mi sermbra anche un ottimo prezzo ;-)

  7. So excited to give this a try! Thanks for the awesome review!

    Valery Brennan