The Walking Dead Season 5 | Consumed


First off, let me apologize for this recap being a week late! I was even questioning if I should post it at all considering it's time for me to recap the newest episode already, however I knew it would drive me crazy if I had an episode missing, plus I wanted to update you guys anyway! Now, to the episode.

Lately, The Walking Dead has been focusing on one group per episode since everyone seems to be split up. Consumed featured only Daryl and Carol and I was very eager for this since Daryl is my favorite character and I wanted to see them connect more.

One of the first scenes we see is Daryl and Carol following the car with the cross into Atlanta. I thought the view of the city was completely haunting and terrifying and it really reminded me of the very first episode when Rick is traveling into Atlanta. It really shows that, even though it seems that they have been traveling for a long time, they haven't really gotten far at all.

Daryl and Carol decide it's too dangerous to be following them in the city while it's dark. They feel like they will have a better grip on things once it's day, so they take refuge in a building that later is revealed to be a temporary housing development that Carol visited with Sophia before this all happened. While they are there the discover some dead locked up in another room and you can see the silhouette of a child walker.

The next morning Carol wakes up to see smoke and finds Daryl burning the bodies of the walkers found inside so Carol wouldn't have to go through it.  

As they are trying to find more clues to where exactly the people holding Beth are the stumble upon a hallway that is filled with walkers stuck in sleeping bags and tents. It was a very creepy site, that all of these people must have somehow died and turned while they were sleeping. The reach the end of the hallway and find an office but nothing really of use. They notice out the window that there is a van on the roof of a building and they want to go investigate.

As they are leaving the office they have their first encounter with Noah, which I guess isn't the best first impression considering he's stealing their weapons. He takes their weapons and cuts open the tents of walkers in the hallway and runs off. Carol tries to "shoot for Noah's leg" but Daryl stops her. Although he did steal their weapons Daryl says he's "just a kid".

We notice as they are trying to leave the building that a "Dealing with Child Abuse" book falls out of one of their bags, which I am assuming is about Daryl and his father.

They make it over to the building with the van sitting on the roof. They try to inspect it and get any type of clues on where it could have came from but walkers start to quickly swarm them and they don't have the weapons to fight them off. They hide in the back of the van but have nowhere to go, so Daryl takes a daring plunge off the side of the building by driving the van off. 

Neither of them are harmed except for Carols injured shoulder. (Also, how creepy was it once they were on the ground and the walkers were falling off the building onto the van? The sound they made when the hit and the pouring blood was so eerie.)

As they enter another building Daryl notices one of his arrows stuck into a walker. He grabs it and continues on hoping to catch up with Noah. They find him in a room with a walker trying to break through the door and a bookcase falls on him so he cannot move. Daryl grabs his weapons and a cigarette and tells Noah "I already helped you once". But Carol insists that they can't leave him. 

After saving him Noah starts panicking saying "They are coming, they're going to find me" When it's revealed to Daryl and Carol that he was with Beth and he knows where they are. So of course the decide to keep Noah with them.

As they are quickly trying to escape the building so they don't get caught, Carol runs out into the street and gets hit by the cops that live in the hospital. Daryl tries to get her but Noah stops him, telling him that she will get help and they will get Carol and Beth back. 

It then shows Daryl and Noah leaving the city and heading back to the church so they can get help from Rick and the rest of the group at the church. 

This episode was interested to me and I felt like there was a lot of symbolism. There were lots of flashbacks and a lot of instances using fire. Daryl also kept mentioning they need to start over. So do the fires mean burning away the past? I'm not 100% sure. What do you think?


  1. I already saw them and i loove them!! I don't quite know why daryl wants to start over again?
    Nothing major happend..comm'on the world has bigger probs than been angry about something like that!

    xoxo Colli || my Blog - TOBEYOUTIFUL
    by the way...if daryl dies we riot!

    1. I'm not sure! I think he just really cares about Carol.

  2. great review hun! hmmm I hope noah doesn't die