Ohio Comic Con 2014 Haul

At the beginning of November I went to Ohio Comic Con (you can see my post about it here). I quickly realized that I still hadn't shown you want I picked up while I was there! One of my favorite things about Comic Con, other than seeing all of the celebrities, is shopping! They have so many fun and crazy things and I always come home with some interesting things.

This may seem pretty weird, but if you know anything about me, you'll know I love skulls and bones. I find them so interesting and beautiful. Fortunately, I found a whole booth this year dedicated to things like this! I was so excited, I think I visited three times in the same day and spent way too much time looking at what they had to offer. I finally decided on this beauty, which is a raccoon skull. It wasn't too pricey and it was beautifully preserved. I also loved that it is mounted on a stand, but you can also remove it if you choose!

If you're interested in this type of thing, these are the people I purchased it from! 

This creepy gem I found caught my eye right away. I know this is super weird and creepy, which is why I completely fell in love with it! The man that makes these has tons of different ones, but the snail version was my favorite!

I finally got a Puppycat! I am such a huge fan of the Bee and PuppyCat and I was so incredibly excited when I saw they had some in stock. I had been wanting one for so long. It also sings when you press it's ear! So cute. 

These have to be some of the cutest stickers I have ever seen. I get really nervous with stickers and I usually never use them. Mostly because I'm afraid once I stick them somewhere I'll regret it and want to put it on something else later, silly I know. But after talking to the lady who makes these she told me they are reusable and waterproof. I honestly couldn't resist and I'm so happy I picked some up!

The vendor was also the sweetest girl I met during Comic Con, she was so friendly and you could tell she really loved what she did and was proud of her work. She draws all of these stickers and makes them all by hand! No machines here. She even threw in a free sticker (they yellow yak). 

Here is her Etsy, you should definitely check it out!

The most meaningful thing I got at Comic Con was definitely this signed picture of Norman Reedus! It don't really care about autographs, it was more that I got to see him again! I have three autographs from him now, since I've seen him three years in a row, but I think this one is definitely my favorite.

I always end up saying I'm not going to buy anymore artwork every year but I always cave and pick up prints. I can't help it! They have so many amazing ones. Above I picked up a Totoro and Attack on Titan print. 

I don't usually see much of Coraline, but I knew the moment I saw it I had to have this print. Coraline is one of my favorite movies and I just loved this way too much to pass up!

I unfortunately didn't get the shop or the card from the guy that made this but if I ever find out I'll let you guys know!

Pyramid Head! Silent Hill is one of my favorite games of all time so when I saw this print of Pyramid Head I knew I had to buy it. I saw a lot more Silent Hill themed things this year that other years I visited which made me quite happy. 

I picked up a bunch of comics! I really enjoy collecting cute and horror comics and graphic novels. I would go through them all but that would take a long time, maybe I'll do a separate posts all about the comics I own. I mostly picked up Adventure Time, Lumber Janes, and Outcast.

Peach Ramue! This was so delicious and I definitely need to get more. 

I picked up two boxes of Green Tea and Brown Sugar "mochi". I've always wanted to try these little boxes because they always intrigued me. They were actually, extremely disgusting! Oops!

I got a lot of random silly things this year but I'm so happy with all of my purchases! Comic Con was a blast, as always and I'm hoping I can do another haul next year!


  1. You got so much cute stuff! I'm actually the same with stickers because I am always changing my mind and usually as soon as I stick a sticker somewhere I immediately regret it and want to put it somewhere different lol


    1. Stickers are a big commitment! Haha. Which is why I was so excited about the ones I bought!

  2. Hi, thank you so much for following my blog! I've just been reading your post on the Ohio Comic Con, my hubby is going to be so jealous that you got to see so many Walking Dead cast.... Especially Norman! We went to our first in the summer, the London comic con and had a blast, we're planning our next one now. Didn't't get to do much shopping, we'll definitely be planning better this time to fit it all in x

    1. It's always so much fun! Even if you don't shop much, the experience is so worth it!

  3. This is a pretty awesome con haul!

  4. Wow you got a random mixture of things there!! All cool though, the puppycat is really cute :P Sounds like you had a great time! xx

  5. Oh man! That's such a awesome Comic Con haul. I get exactly the same with stickers, instant regret! But they're so cool and usually so cheap so I can't resist!

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks for all the great posts :)