My First Trip to Disneyland!

I visited Disneyland for the first time this past New Years. I was so incredibly excited. My whole life I had always wanted to go but never had the chance until now. I was not disappointed. 

We spent two full days there and every day was an adventure. I was constantly seeing new and very detailed things and having so much fun! At the end of every night, my feet would hurt so bad! We would end up walking around 18 miles in ONE day! No wonder I was so sore. 

There were SO many many. Ride times were so long and we had to push through people constantly. I guess that's what you get for visiting on New Years but man, it was packed. I'd really like to visit during a time of year that typically isn't as busy, that would be nice!

This is the one ride a refused to ride. I mean, it looks amazing but I am not too keen on rides that suddenly drop you. No thanks.

Mr. Toad's ride was the first one we went on! It was a nice slow ride, I was really shocked to see how detailed everything is!

The rides were a lot of fun. My favorite rides were California Screamin’, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain. I was terrified to ride California Screamin’ but I am SO happy I did. 

I was able to see Fantasia which was an amazing and lucky experience considering the are taking it away for a year or two. I didn't really think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. It is SO incredibly impressive. 

We went to a show that was the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Which is basically a little concert with performers dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland, people drink, dance and sing. It was pretty cool!

The infamous Mickey Mouse ferris wheel!

Goodbye Disney! Thank you for a wonderful New Years and a magical first visit. See you soon!


  1. You should go in early December on like a Tuesday or Wednesday

  2. I also went to Disneyland for the first time on New Years! We knew it would be crowded so we only stayed for the evening, but I agree, it was a magical first visit.

    Kate |

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