Beauty Favorites of 2014

I know, I know. It's almost March and I'm just NOW uploading a 2014 Beauty Favorites post. In my defense I have had this planned for awhile, just a lot of stuff has been coming up lately that has prolonged me from posting frequently. But regardless, better late than never, right?

( I don't think it's sold anymore, sorry! )

My first favorite will have to go to Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Primer in the green shade. 2014 was the first time I actually started using primers and I really fell in love with this one. I have lots of redness in my face and the green tone really calms it down and makes my skin very even. It also does help keep my foundation on longer. If you want a more in-depth review you can click here!

I have two favorite foundations of 2014! The Tarte Amazonian Clay and the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra were both foundations that really stood out for me. The Tarte has great coverage but looks very natural and it stays for a very long time! I can say the same for the Lancome foundation, however I only use it when I have a big event to go to because of the price.

The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer was definitely a winner. I love putting this under my eye area in the shape of a triangle. It gives a really beautiful highlight while covering up dark circles.

There are so many good things I could say about the Anastasia Contour Kit, but I'm sure you all have heard plenty. Bottom line is, if you haven't tried it you definitely need to! It has the perfect shades to contour and highlight and has really made me more comfortable in contouring my face. Before I had this, I was so hesitant to contour! Now it's one of my favorite things to apply.

These two blushes are rather similar except for one being a shimmer and the other a matte, but I really found myself using both of these blushes quite a lot. The MAC blush in Melba is a beautiful shade I had had my eyes on for such a long time, and when I finally bought it I realized what I was missing out on! It's not overpowering and it just gives the right amount of color to your cheeks, which I really love.

The NARS blush in Deep throat is also gorgeous. I'm not a huge fan of shimmer blushes, I usually tend to stick to mattes, however I really fell in love with this shade. The shimmer is very light and I feel like it looks beautiful especially in the summer time when you want a more "glowy/dewy" look.

These Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders are my favorite setting powder I have used. It doesn't make me look cakey at all and it gives such a lovely glow that doesn't make you look like a discoball. The only downside is the steep price but I feel like if you find the right powder to go with your skintone it will be worth it!

Fluidlines are often used as eyeliners but my favorite way to use this is for my eyebrows! I take an angled brush and fill in the tail of my brow first so it's the darkest. I then make my eyebrow an ombre using lighter or heavier brush strokes. It works great and I never have an issue with it fading or smearing. I've always used this as part of my brow routine but it just recently became the only product I use.

I always had problems with shadows creasing or fading through out the day, but I never have that problem anymore with Urban Decays Primer Potion. It really holds onto my eyeshadows and keeps them looking freshly applied the whole time and you only need a tiny bit! There really isn't much to say other than I love it and will definitely repurchase.

This palette is my favorite of all that I own. Sometimes I really feel like it was made specifically for me. All of the colors are so gorgeous and I feel like they are so much better than the Naked Palettes. The shades are extremely pigmented and creamy and blend out beautifully. I am dying to try the new one! If you want to check out a full review and swatches click here!

I received this mascara in an Influenster Box, you can see the post here! Mascara is one of those products that I really hate buying, I don't know why, I just hate spending money on it! Influenster sent me this one and it's not amazing by any means, but it is my most used and I do like how it lengthens and volumizes my lashes. I think it's worth buying for the price!

I've tried so many different eyeliners and none of them are actually waterproof. My eyes tend to water quite a bit causing my eyeliners to smear, flake off or just get all over the place. I really want to try more high end eyeliners in the future but I was pleasantly surprised to come across a Maybelline liner that really stays. It drys pretty fast and the only way I can get it completely off is to use an oil based makeup remover. It's the best one I currently have! Although, it does dry out pretty quickly but it's very cheap so I have no complaints!

I always have issues with my mascara transferring, eyeliner smearing, or my concealer creasing. I didn't think there was anything that was going to dramatically improve any of those issues until I tried Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. All it takes is 2-4 sprays all over my face after applying my makeup and it will stay on for hours and hours! I even used this on my most recent road trip and my makeup was still on 16 hours later, crazy!

This is the first Kat Von D lipstick I bought. I had seen it online but figured I probably had a color similar to it in my collection already. But after going to Sephora and swatching it, I knew I had to buy it. Cathedral is such a beautiful pinky brown and it's unlike anything I have! I've also noticed that it's a lot more longlasting than any of the MAC lipsticks I own.

I just always notice myself picking this shade up before anything else. I will definitely be purchasing more of these!

Have you tried any of these products? What were your favorites for 2014?


  1. I have heard so many positive things about the Anastasia contouring kit-- I definitely need to try it out!


  2. Some amazing products but a lot of products I havent tried but really want to now! Youve encouraged my shopping addiction even more! Haha :) thanks for the post! Xx

  3. Nice products!


  4. So many products here that I really want to try out! I'm particularly interested in the Nars concealer and the Hourglass powder, they look amazing! x

    Anna | pretty pretentious

  5. I have been seeing the Chocolate Bar everywhere! It looks amazing and is so taunting because we can't get it over here :( and if you buy it via the online stores that sell them here it is so expensive.


  6. Great favourites! I want to try that Chocolate Bar palette!

  7. Great picks! I really want to try out the two faced palette !


  9. I love the chocolate bar palette, it's just so good. I really want to try that NARS concealer, everyone raves about it!

  10. I have tons of red in my face but for some reason I've been really hesitant to use a green primer...definitely need to give it a shot!

    Valery Brennan

  11. Interesting products. The chocolate bar palette looks so cool!

  12. Oh my God, that MAC blush colour is EXACTLY what I need! MUST hunt down!!!

  13. Urban Decay primer is the absolute best! Love your list of favorites.

  14. The Lancome foundation & UD products are holy grails for me! I have been wanting to try that NARS concealer for a while now, gotta get with it. Awesome roundup!!!

  15. I've been really wanting to try out some NARS products but unfortunately I haven't been able to find anywhere that sells them here is Australia. But this blog is really good and I love your opinion on things! Thank you!

    Go check my blog out on

  16. I always have trouble with my concealer creasing. If UD setting spray solves that problem, I'll be thrilled. Sounds like we have similar eye sensitivities, so I'm glad the UD spray doesn't aggravate this. Very helpful post. Thanks.

  17. I always have trouble with my concealer creasing. If UD setting spray solves that problem, I'll be thrilled. Sounds like we have similar eye sensitivities, so I'm glad the UD spray doesn't aggravate this. Very helpful post. Thanks. -Judge Beauty

  18. I love the nars concealer and the hour glass powder. I have to say they are my favourite too. Loved reading this post x