Graze Box #003

This Graze Box originally had 8 snacks but I usually share these boxes with my mom so she took the three she wanted. I was left with some pretty good ones though!

Brooklyn Bites - poppyseed pretzels,  cheese cashews, & roasted pumpkin seeds
Peachy Orchard - peach drops, rhubarb, & pear
Grilled Cheese - sweet mustard breadsticks, cheddar bruschetta, & smoked cashews
Vanilla Walnut Fudge - walnuts, vanilla pumpkin seeds, fudge, and raisins

The Peachy Orchard and the Vanilla Walnut Fudge are my favorites! I LOVE peach and I wish I could get a whole bag of just peach drops.

The popcorn unfortunately wasn't anything to write home about. It was just average popcorn that had a tiny bit of salt. It really didn't have much flavor to it. Then again, I'm not a huge fan to begin with, the only time I do eat popcorn is if I get it when I go to the movies. (And we all know that the popcorn at movie theaters is full of butter and salt, but hey isn't that what makes it so good?) Anyway, if you love popcorn and are looking for something a bit healthier than I would certainly recommend this! It's a single serving so it'd be perfect if you're watching a movie by yourself sometime.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with this box. I enjoyed pretty much everything inside, which is always a nice surprise.

Do you guys get Graze Boxes? Have you tried any of these snacks?