SWIG Luxury Flask Overview

SWIG recently got a hold of me to review this Luxury Flask. I checked out their website, as I do all companies who contact me, and discovered that their flasks seemed to be extremely high quality and very simple, but aesthetically pleasing. I was instantly interested.

I think flasks are really neat for some reason, plus I find that they're wonderful gifts for the "of age" people in your life! 

SWIG is the first Hip Flask brand of the UK. It started as an idea and a small operation in 2013 and has grown tremendously over time! You can read the full story here!

On their site it mentions the inspiration to create SWIG Flasks came from realizing how difficult it can be to buy a man a gift, which I can completely agree with, plus the fact that most flasks are comedic or vintage. Have you ever been in a store at the mall and seen them? Yeah, they aren't too sleek most of the time. 

Despite it being overseas, I received my flask rather quickly! The flask was inside this box that is tied together by a bow. I love the packaging of this and would love to get more in the future for gifts, you wouldn't even have to wrap it! The quality is outstanding, it's very solid and has a good weight but isn't heavy. I also really love that the bottom is flattened so that it can stand up on its own without toppling over. 

I really think that next time I'm stumped on buying a gift for a friend, I'll check out SWIG if I think it'll suit them!

If you want your own, check out SWIGFLASKS.COM


  1. I have no idea luxury flasks were a thing but I am a fan. It looks wonderful. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. I'm just about to release my review of their flasks. I'm approaching it from a very different angle but they are incredibly well presented and a great gift idea. Super review...happy whisky drinking?

    1. Looking forward to checking out your review! Thanks Gavin!