My New Glasses | Firmoo Review

Wearing glasses is something I've had to deal with for the past 4-5 years. When I first started wearing glasses I was in 9th grade and I really only wore them when I was at home or was reading something. But 4 years later, my glasses were scratched, scuffed and falling apart. I finally went to the optometrist to get a new prescription so I could order a new pair, but I was frustrated because every pair I had found was expensive!

I decided that instead of picking the first pair that I like, I'd do some research to find some cheap, good quality glasses. Luckily, my searching landing me on I looked through the site and saw some pairs that I really enjoyed, and even better, they were all under $40!

I ended up finding the pair I wanted to order and I chose these. Ordering is incredibly easy and they even let you enter your prescription, so if you're planning to check out this site make sure you ask your optometrist for a copy.

When they arrived in the mail I was surprised to see that they also sent me a lovely case, cleaning cloth, and a little kit to fix my glasses if they become loose.

I was a bit worried that the glasses might sit funny on my face considering I didn't try them on before ordering, but luckily, they fit perfectly! And better yet, I could see SO incredibly clearly! It really made me realize what a mess my old pair was.

I would highly recommend if you're in need of a new, cheap pair of glasses. That being said, they aren't the highest quality and they are plastic, but if you take good care of them they should last your for a long while!

Do you wear glasses? Or do you prefer contacts? Do you have any recommendations for other sites with cheap glasses?


  1. I wear glasses and I am actually due to get my eyes tested again! I have not had contact yet but think I am getting both by the end of the year

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Aww wow I love this so much, the prettiest case ever! I will definitely be checking this site out, thanks for the recommendation! xxxxx

  3. I wear glasses but i normally just get mine from Specsavers though haha! These are really nice x

  4. Your new glasses look great! It's amazing when you can SEE just how scratched and damaged a previous pair were. It's like you need to ease into wearing the new pair so you don't disorientate yourself with clarity. I really prefer glasses, I tried contacts but they didn't really work for me. I've never looked online for a new pair of glasses, but I can see it happening in the future!


  5. I wear glasses but I still go to school so my Mum pays for them. I get mine from Specsavers and in NZ they have a deal, you can get two pairs of glasses for the price of one of the cost the same amount. Great post and I will have a look.


  6. I'm supposed to wear my glasses all the time but I don't lol.
    I like these glasses! Very simple yet stylish.

  7. i was thinking of trying firmoo and this helps out with my decision.I am worried about choosing a good frame or my face though. Any tips? Thanks :)

  8. Love the choice of products and photos

    Sent by a shooting star,

    The Twins - Faustina & Cassanova

  9. Firmoo is wonderful, I love the pair you chose!