Centerburg Cemetery

Last week I posted about a cemetery I visited known as Eastview Cemetery. This cemetery is directly across the street! This one is much older and was a lot more interesting for me personally to explore. 

This headstone with the woman walking down steps was my favorite in the whole cemetery. It was so beautiful and eerie all at the same time. You don't see as many new headstones like this anymore, at least where I'm from. So it's nice to see something so old still look this lovely.

These headstones were very odd to me. They look like tiny little seats that were carved out of wood. I had never seen stones like this before and they were very interesting!

This cemetery wasn't very big, but it was definitely still fun and interesting to explore. I actually think I might have spent about an hour and a half just walking around and reading the inscriptions and dates on the headstones. There were many detailed headstones that you can tell took a lot of work. I also love that even though this place is extremely old and no longer really used, it still is kept neat and clean.

I can't believe I have lived so close to this cemetery my whole life but have never taken the time to explore and capture it until now. But I'm really happy I did! I wish I could have found more history on it but there wasn't hardly anything I could find.


  1. Just goes to show that beauty can be found everywhere!

  2. I love all the photos. <3 I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Check out my blog for the rules. :3

  3. I love cemeteries like these.. <3

  4. I'm at the moment looking for pictures of angels and it occurred to me to go to cemeteries and I've found some jewels so far. I agree with you about the tomb with the sculpture of the woman. Beautiful and sad...