Mount Calvary Cemetery

Earlier this month I was looking for a new cemetery to visit. One had been on my radar for awhile I'd just never taken the time to actually go check it out. I typed in the directions in my phone and for some reason it completely led me astray, but I found this beautiful cemetery on the way so it definitely wasn't a bad thing to get lost!

Mount Calvary Cemetery is an absolutely beautiful place. When I first arrived I didn't realize how big it was and only snapped a few photos. However, the next week I decided to travel up that way again and explored some more and realized there was a LOT that I missed out on.

This neat little building was quite creepy and empty. If you can see right about the door it says "Ransom" a very odd and mysterious building that I really loved.

I believe this used to be the mausoleum. Such a beautiful building and was definitely my favorite that I found.

A place where some of the Curtis' family members are buried. This cemetery is actually close to a huge home known as the Curtis Mansion. As far as I know the building is abandoned but I would love to go around and explore it sometime. You can find many members of the Curtis family buried here and they all have very elaborate headstones.

A memorial to a soldier that I thought was lovely and quite haunting. I will never get over entering cemeteries and seeing a figure on top of a headstone and how eerie it is.

This building was pretty large and locked up tight. I peeked into the window and it sure doesn't look like it's ever used anymore, I would love to get the chance to look around though.

Mount Calvary is definitely my favorite cemetery I have explored. It was gorgeous and so calming to walk through. It was well taken care of and beautiful to just wander in. I found so many amazing headstones that I was so excited to photograph. I hope in the future I find many other lovely places like this one!


  1. It looks really nice there! Great photos

  2. I do love old cemeteries, they are just fascinating. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

  3. Wow, I love walking through cemeteries. One of my friends took me to one recently and i felt like it was a perfectly normal thing to hang out just wandering around there lol. The photographs you took are beautiful!

    Pretty in Python

    1. Thanks Alison! I feel the same way when I'm exploring cemeteries :)

  4. Hi Haley.. I just discovered your blog today and I must say, the fact that you like exploring cemeteries is very unique and interesting. Thank you for sharing your experience through photos. The headstones really told stories about those that have passed. :)

  5. Wow, a few of these people died so young. :-/
    I saw that you are into haunted places, and I hope that you'll visit Whaley House here in San Diego if you ever get a chance! It's a mansion that is also the oldest house in San Diego that is still standing today. Whaley House is preserved by the historical society, and is presented as a museum for visitors to see how people (at least the upper class) lived in the 1800s, not as a haunted house. However, a lot of people who took pictures of the interior of the house later saw strange things/figures in them!

    By the way, I am hosting a MeMeBox giveaway that is ending later tonight, and the prize is phenomenal. I hope that you will participate, if you haven't already! International readers are welcomed. :o)

  6. Beautiful photos! I love cemetery visits and have some great photos I may have to share too. But I hope you find the other one that you originally set out for!

  7. Cemeteries fascinate me. Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the mausoleum Thank you for sharing.

  8. This is very nice - lovely pictures as well! I really like exploring cemeteries too - it's interesting, sad and beautiful all at the same time. I always try to visit at least one when I'm abroad - think my favorite is probably Père Lachaise in Paris. It's quite magical and in case you haven't been you should really go if you get the chance :-) If you are ever in Denmark (I'm Danish) you should visit Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen - it's beautiful!

  9. I absolutely loved this post. It always amazes me how a place that should be so haunting can actually be so endearing. I can see myself in you, exploring the cemetery and getting to know all of it's permanent residents.

    So glad I found you on bloglovin!

    XOXO Ines