My Top 5 Horror Classics

October is upon us and what's a better time to start watching horror movies then right now! Horror is definitely my favorite genre so I wanted to share my favorite classics with you!


Halloween focuses on a young boy named Michael Myers who gets sent to a sanitarium for the murder of his older sister on Halloween night. Fifteen years later he escapes the asylum and returns to his hometown to create havoc and revenge on the people of the town.

I feel like Halloween is an overly cliche pick but it's honestly one of my favorites. I love throwing this in the DVD player during fall days and cleaning, just hanging out and catching bits and pieces or sitting down and just re-watching the whole thing. The atmosphere of this movie is perfect for that classic Halloween feeling. Throughout the year I'll even put this in if I'm missing autumn and it'll satisfy my love for fall for awhile.

Obviously this is the John Carpenter version and I'm sure you all have seen it. If for some reason you haven't, I definitely recommend it! It's really not scary, but it definitely is creepy and it does contain violence. But I'm a huge fan of horror so maybe that just doesn't effect me as much. But regardless, this is just a great, well-made movie.

Fun Fact: When I was younger I actually had a crush on Michael Myers. Why? I have no idea, I was a weird kid!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street revolves around young teens who start becoming stalked and killed while dreaming by a terrible, burnt man known as Freddy Krueger. Little did they know that the parents of the children know who Freddy is all along and have a dark secret from their past that's coming back to haunt them.

The original Nightmare on Elm Street is always a good pick if you want to watch a good, slasher flick. The first one is by far the best. I remember the first time I watched this and I became obsessed! I bought the whole box set. Of course, they do get a little bit crazy and ridiculous after the second one, but the first one will always be a great, creepy movie to watch during the Halloween season!

Pet Sematary

The Creed family move from Chicago to a small country town in Maine. They meet a friendly old neighbor across the road who takes the family up a path close to their new home that leads to an old pet cemetery. But beyond the cemetery is another burial ground that contains powers that the family ha no idea the consequences. 

My family is a huge fan of Stephen King. He is my mothers favorite author and we own almost all of his books & movies. So it's only natural that one of his movies gets on the list considering I've basically grown up watching his movies. Pet Sematary is by far one of my favorite movies of his. I'm not sure why I like it so much. Maybe it brings back memories when I was young and got such a thrill out of staying up late watching horror movies? Who knows. But it honestly is just such a good movie and story. It's tragic and terrifying and I also just really like how the movie is set up and filmed.

The Shining

A man and his family become responsible of tending to a huge, beautiful hotel during the winter months while it is closed. He was informed beforehand that the caretakers before him had become insane and killed themselves along with their families. After being in the hotel the same thing begins to happen to him as he starts seeing things and plotting to hurt his family.

The Shining is another King story that I just love! I love the setting of the whole film. How it's so secluded in this magnificent hotel in the middle of winter. It would become pretty creepy and you would definitely become a bit stir crazy after awhile! But I just really love the good old concept of a haunted hotel and I feel this film does it wonderfully.

The Exorcist

A young girl named Regan seems to have become possessed by an evil entity and her mother seeks the help of two priests who try to exorcise the violent demon from the girl.

The Exorcist (otherwise known as the scariest movie ever made according to my mom) was definitely a new generation for horror. I feel like it broke so many barriers and I can definitely understand why so many people were terrified when it came out! However, watching it now a days it doesn't seem too intimidating because of all the technology and special effects we have. But take into consideration all of the groundbreaking things this film did back in the 70's! It's such a great film with a creepy story. Probably one of my favorite "possession" movies.

Fun Fact: I actually got to see Linda Blair (Regan) last year at Comic Con! My mom wanted to meet her to "confront her fears"! She was definitely a sweet lady and a huge animal rights activist, pretty cool!

If you aren't a fan of horror movies I apologize, you might not be too keen on the content on my blog this month! However if you are a fan of horror let me know what your favorite classics are down below! I will be doing a few more of my favorite movie posts later on for this month!


  1. I am a huge horror film fan but I've only ever seen Nightmare on Elm Street on this list of classics. I now feel very ashamed and will have to watch the others this month!
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    1. If you watch any of them I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  2. I LOVE the Shining? Have you ever seen the South Park version of it? So funny. That's a really cool poster for Nightmare on Elm Street!


  3. Great classic horror film choices! Especially A Nightmare on Elm Street, brilliantly scary!

  4. Halloween is the first scary movie I ever saw and STILL manages to scare me every time I watch it!

  5. These are definitely classics! I have seen them all, and still find them scary! :)

  6. Love this post! The Exorcist is one of the best! I'm a big horror film fan, I've just posted my favourites on my blog too :)