My Favorite Makeup Transformations

I am a huge sucker for Special Effects makeup. I think it takes so much creativity and talent to create looks that look so magical/scary but also realistic! Halloween is the best time to stumble across these types of tutorials on Youtube so I decided to share with you my three favorite ladies that do an absolutely fantastic job at transforming themselves into the crazy and cute.

 Emma Pickles

Emma Pickles doesn't do a ton of Special Effects videos. She has some here and there on her channel but this one is by far the most impressive I've seen! I was stunned when I saw this on my feed and I clicked on it right away! She did an absolutely amazing job and I can't wait to see what types of transformations she comes up with in the future.



MadeYewLook is one of the most talented Youtubers I have found when it comes to creating a wide array of special effects looks. She can make herself look exactly like a character! I can't imagine how much patience and time it takes to get it down but I'm so glad she does. I could literally watch her videos for hours. She is an amazing body painter and you can tell she is extremely passionate about what she does.

I mean look at that Freddy Krueger Tutorial! No latex or anything, 100% drugstore products! That's insane!


I'm sure a lot of you have heard about this girl, as you definitely should! She doesn't do many "monster/creepy" tutorials but she does amazing character and celebrity transformations. I don't understand how she can make herself look so much like certain celebrities, (even men!) but I thoroughly enjoy watching.

Definitely give these ladies a watch, you won't be disappointed!


  1. They are amazing! Especially the first one, I love special effects make up too I think it is so talented the way people transform themselves, love this post

    Amie x

  2. Amazing Post! MadeYewLook is just incredible... Im off to watch some more of her videos right now!
    Kate | talkingtransplants

  3. Such a fantastic job! Surprising actually.

  4. I looooove madeyewlook and dope2111. I actually just mentioned them in the last two posts I made haha. I've actually never heard of Emma before for some reason! All of their tutorials look incredible though.

  5. So terrifying! I would love to give myself this make up for halloween!

  6. These are incredible! It is amazing what you can do with makeup :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

  7. Oh wow these are amazing perfect for Halloween!

  8. These are terrifying but so, so amazing. That muscle one is especially impressive.